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    • NKU’s unknown champion: Perce takes home boxing title May 26, 2018
      Tucked away on top of a hill just off Madison Avenue in Covington is a large, brown house. The house has no defining signage or advertising, other than “Beware of Dog” and “Private Property, No Trespassing” signs displayed on the garage door. In the yard, about a hundred feet away from the front door, sits...
      Christopher Decker, Managing Editpr
    • Fall tuition jumps 3 percent as division budgets, positions get clipped May 18, 2018
      Undergraduate tuition is set to rise by $280 a year this fall as three university divisions are cut by $5.8 million to cover low enrollment and rising costs. At a special meeting Thursday, NKU’s Board of Regents unanimously approved both the tuition increase and the operating budget for 2018-2019, a budget delayed by late action...
      Sam Rosenstiel, Editor-in-Chief
    • Softball rookies make the switch from varsity to collegiate play May 8, 2018
      The transition from high school to college is often a challenge, but student athletes face a challenge unlike most undergrads: they must balance increasing academic and athletic demands for success on and off the field. Freshmen women’s softball players Hailey Whitmer, Faith Howard and Josie Frazier are among the latest crop of Norse rookies making...
      Michael Canizales, Reporter
    • EDITORIAL: Why did I do school? May 4, 2018
      Ask most students on campus why they came to college and the knee-jerk response is get a job that pays well that (ideally) we don’t hate. There are other expectations, too:  meeting new friends, exploring your identity and seeking new experiences. But,at the end of the day it seems impossible to separate what you study...
      McKenzie Eskridge, Reporter
    • Esports club gives competitive gaming a proper home on campus May 4, 2018
      They have the drive and dedication of athletes. They train for countless hours, play in scrimmages, and compete in intercollegiate tournaments. They dedicate their time and energy to their sport, pouring themselves into the competition. And they’re doing it all while playing video games. Electronic sports (aka esports) are growing at an exponential rate –... […]
      Kane Mitten, Reporter
    • Regents approve new fees for 100 fall courses. Will you pay more? May 3, 2018
      Taking a chemistry lab next fall? How about an education course? Any computer science classes? If so, expect extra charges on your fall account statement. NKU’s Board of Regents voted to approve new fees for over 100 courses at their meeting Wednesday. Most new fees are between $10 and $20, but some, like some neuroscience...
      Sam Rosenstiel, News Editor
    • Pension freeze stalls cuts, buys NKU time May 2, 2018
      A bill to freeze NKU’s pension payment, which was set to soar to $31 million, passed April 26, interim president Gerard St. Amand told regents Wednesday. The rate freeze means NKU’s projected $20 million budget shortfall will be cut by more than half. NKU will only pay $18 million into the Kentucky Employee Retirement System...
      Sam Rosenstiel, News Editor
    • GALLERY: Millennium Falcon touches down at BB&T Arena April 27, 2018
      In a galaxy not-so-far away, Han Solo’s famous Millennium Falcon landed at BB&T Arena this weekend, featuring a recreation of the interior of the famous freighter. The “Millennium Falcon Experience” as it’s called, coincides with the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Constructed inside a 40-foot replica of the famed starship, guests are free...
      Owen Treolo , Reporter
    • Students who drink regularly more likely to underperform, says psych professor April 27, 2018
      According to the 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH),15.1 million adults ages 18 and older has had an alcohol use disorder. Dr. Cecile Marczinski, regents professor of psychology at NKU, says drinking young can increase the risk of developing an addiction to alcohol. “A lot of times they’ll try these substances before...
      Natalie Hamren , Assistant News Editor
    • SOTA seniors’ art comes from introspection. April 27, 2018
        The School of the Arts is a place on campus where students discover their passions and turn them into art. Senior Chloe Collins, who is pursuing a BFA in art, took a gender studies class that challenged her perception of feminism.  Through the course, Collins grew and became more aware of her own beliefs....
      Chelsea Livers-Gowdy, Reporter

Hunter S. Thompson’s boyhood home

Posted by Mark Payne on July 18, 2009

Hunter S. Thompson's boyhood home

Hunter S. Thompson's boyhood home. Photo by Mark Payne

After some searching I was able to hunt down Hunter S. Thompson’s boyhood home.

It originally started from an interest of a buddy of mine, Shane Ersland. We went biking in Louisville and thought it would be a good idea to find his home. However, we were bounced around in multiple directions and couldn’t find it.

A week later I read a blog by Tom Eblen that was written in May 2008. In his blog, he said the home was for sale and stated the address. He also said it was owned by an editor from Louisville’s daily paper, The Courier-Journal. (In an updated entry on Eblen’s blog he said the home was sold in June of 2008.)

So I went and hunted it down.

I also had a talk with Stephen George, the editor of Louisville’s alternative weekly, Leo weekly, while at Louisville’s music festival, Forecastle.

He said that when people where remodeling the house they were trying to scrape up a black circle in the middle of the house. The workers started to ask around as to what the cirle was and the neighbors told them it was from when Hunter was a boy and he drew the circle, calling it his own portal to hell.

P.S. If you are ever driving through Cherokee park and go through the circle, around Daniel Boone’s statue, look at the large white house with a nice decorated yard. That house belonged to the non-fictional character of Daisy, in The Great Gatsby. Apparently Fitzgerald wrote a lot of the book at a hotel in Louisville, The Seelbach.


3 Responses to “Hunter S. Thompson’s boyhood home”

  1. Ron Mexico said

    Sign the petition to induct Fear and Loathing:On The Campaign Trail ’72 into The Modern Library


  2. Mary B said

    Key 🙂 Shane would be so proud.

  3. Megan said

    I’m planning a trip to Louisville and would love to drive by Hunter Thompson’s childhood home. Could you tell me where it is located?

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